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Tarjoamme merkittävästi parantaa sukupuolielämää. Lääkkeet, joilla parannetaan valmistajien tehoa . on aika tilata parhaaseen hintaan Moskovassa. Toimitus on anonyymi ja suoraan osoitteeseen.

Through the past 6 ice racing seasons I have learned what makes a great ice tire. It really comes down to 2 things, "the fun factor", and "reliability. Without a doubt, these are 2 qualities that make up Andy's (Rock Central Cycle) double lined, lug milled, detailed designed motorcycle ice tires. Watch the video link below and take notice to how low the handlebars get to the ice surface as the bike locks on like riding a rail to finish the turn. If you like scrubbing off speed by backing it in, or keeping it pinned through a fluff filled sweeper, then there is no other tire. Remember, the faster and harder you push the Rock Central Cycle tires, the more confidence they create, by seamlessly clamping on the turn as soon as the throttle is picked up.        
In plain text, they are "Sick Fun".                     

Dieseljo Milwakee, Wisconsin U.S.A
"Your internet source for ice racing information"

In 2001 a group of Seattle motorcycle racers drunkenly decided to journey into Canada to compete in the numb bum 24hr motorcycle ice race. Thus were born "The Iceholes" It seemed obvious that special tires were needed, luckily, we were put in touch with Andy Demsky at Rock Central Cycle in Calgary. We ordered 2 sets, ran them that year and have ordered more than a dozen sets since.

The traction is fantastic, and they are completely reliable. Reliability is very important when it's a thousand mile trip one way just to compete in the race. In the last 6 years Andy's tires have carried us to 2 podium finishes, several top 5 finishes and most importantly, hour upon hour of sheer spiked for our pleasure fun. All without a single tire related failure.

That's why we run them. They work great and they last. They are the official tire choice for The Iceholes, Seattle's premier motorcycle ice racing team.

The Iceholes
Seattle Wa. U.S.A

I know I'm not the fastest guy out there but with the tire advantage it equates to bringing a gun to a knife fight. Class has been in session. Every now and then I get the word "cheater" thrown at me and all I have to say is "It doesn't ride itself" These tires are the cats ass.
                                         Stu ..  Waukesha ,Wisconsin , U.S.A