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Motorcycle Ice Tires sizes available  18 -19" rear or 21" front.

Rear tires profiled (cut down) 2 liners installed internally.

 650 11/2" tempered ice screws installed at precision angles.

Front tires - 2 liners installed internally.

450 11/2" screws installed at precision angle.

Price per tire- 18" or 19" rear tire. - $650.00 CAD

                     - 21" front tire - $550.00 CAD

  - Front and rear set (comes with H/D wraps) - $1200.00 CAD

Prices DO NOT include shipping, duty or brokerage charges.

 Call or Email for additional information.


Badger Claw Cabide tires 18 -19" rear tires available or 21" front.

All tires are made with hardened casing carbide insert studs.

Studs are injected the full depth of the  knob and tire base.

Rear studs are 22.5 mm in length and project 10mm from knobby.

Front studs are 18mm  in length and project 9mm from knobby.

Price per tire- Rear tire 18 or 19" $500.00 CAD

                     - Front tire 21" $450.00 CAD

Prices DO NOT include freight, duty or brokerage charges.

Call or Email for additional information


 Heavy Duty Ice Tire Covers.

       $65.00 each, CDN

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403-569-1341   Andy


New Carbide design

made for snow and

frozen terrain.

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Motorcycle Ice Tires


Badger Claw Carbide Tires